Poetry: What Matters


Oh, what is matter?


Ask a scientist and they’ll say,


Spout explanations of atoms

And chemical bonds


Breaking everything down into the same pieces

Gives my soul no peace

Humans can’t care about



What makes something



I suppose

We have to choose

What we care about—

What we think matters


But what a horrible freedom

That gives us

To close our eyes

And ignore

The most important moments

Out of fear

Of opening up our hearts

To the horrors of humanity

Once we allow them to matter


But what about the greater horror

Of cramming any death

Any crime against our humanity

Into a dark, forgotten corner

Under the label

“Does Not Matter To Me”

Because it did not happen

To you

Or because it happened

A century ago?



Does not mean


Any more than it mandates


You do not have to let these deaths

Consume your soul

All we ask

Is that you remember

That they matter.

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