Problematic Moments and Trigger Warnings

This is a new review policy I am implementing in 2017, as a reaction to personal stories fellow readers have shared online.

At the bottom of every review will be a section dedicated to calling out books for problematic scenes, comments, and representation. It will also list possible trigger warnings for the book. 

I am not an expert on either of these areas. Because of this, I promise to research the books I review to see if bloggers of marginalized identities have noticed problematic representation. If and when I find them, I will link to these reviews to boost the voices of those in the community directly affected.

I will do my best to make both sections (problems and trigger warnings) complete. However, if I miss anything, I hope someone points it out to me, and I promise I will update the review to include the additional information.

The purpose of this section is not to attack books or authors, but to keep readers safe. Things I can read past with barely a pause might be harmful to others, and I want people to know what they are in for when I recommend a book.  

I’m still learning, but it’s 2017, and I’m vowing to do my best to make this blog a safe, positive space for all readers.