Hell and Styx

Meet Hell and Styx–two characters that will be popping up in a lot of short stories. I’ll be playing with backstories, plot, and character development. Their stories will go out of order, but here links to them will be posted in order, so that you can read it chronologically as new posts are added, if you want to. Enjoy 🙂

These are quick writes–written, read, and posted. Sorry for typos. I’m experimenting with just writing something and not editing, sort of forcing myself to like my work. Maybe it’s a horrible idea. But I like it.

Numbering will go in the order the stories were written. The list beneath goes in chronological order according to the actual stories. Click on the story you want to read to link to the post.


Hell and Styx #2: Hell’s Childhood

Hell and Styx #3: Dragons in Shining Armor

Hell and Styx #10: What She Deserved

(flashback in H+S #13 goes here)

(flashback in H+S #14 goes here)

(flashback in H+S #15 goes here)

Hell and Styx #9: Where Are You From?

Hell and Styx #11: Lucky

Hell and Styx #12: Easy to Hate

Hell and Styx #13: Lip Gloss and Pineapples

Hell and Styx #14: Fairies and Bitter Coffee

Hell and Styx #15: Remembering and Forgetting

Hell and Styx #16: Far From Normal

Hell and Styx #17: Distracted

Hell and Styx #18: Promises

Hell and Styx #4: Being Replaced

Hell and Styx #5: From Invisible…

Hell and Styx #6: …To Visible

Hell and Styx #7: I’m Fine

Hell and Styx #8: Echo-Echo-Echo…

Hell and Styx #1: The Funeral


Below are specific plot lines (AKA stories that all link together)

Numbers in parentheses are part of the plot line but not directly linked together.

Heaven plot line: (1), (9), 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

Wainscott plot line: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Lilith plot line: 13, 14, 15


I created a Pinterest board with inspiring pictures and quotes for the short story series:

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