The Actor Book Tag

I was tagged by RiverMoose @ RiverMoose-Reads! She is a lovely blogger and you guys should check her blog out!


  • Thank the person who tagged you
  • Chose your own 8 actors (or you can use the ones I gave you) and create descriptions and compare them to book characters like I did
  • Put in photos of them from the movie roll
  • Answer what book character fits the same description as the movie character
  • List 8 people to tag

1. David Tennant/The 10th Doctor (Doctor Who) — a character who makes you fangirl

Gen in The Thief is one of my favorite characters ever. Just thinking about his ridiculous plans and poorly timed insults makes me smile.

2. James Roday/Shawn Spencer (Psych) — a character who can’t help being brilliant (even if they act stupid)

Sarene from Elantris spends a lot of time playing up the dumb blonde stereotype, but in reality, she is one of the smartest characters I’ve ever read about.

3. Allison Janney/CJ Creg (The West Wing) — a character who can take care of herself

Celaena! Does this need an explanation?

4. Sarah Michelle Gellar/Buffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) — a badass female character

Vin from Mistborn is incredibly badass and magical. I love her so much 🙂

5. Colin Morgan/Merlin (Merlin) — a character forced to hide who they really are

As you can tell from the title, Verity isn’t actually the main character’s name. There is a lot more to Verity than meets the eye.

6. Summer Glau/River Tam (Firefly) — a character with a tragic and mysterious backstory

Grace from A Madness So Discreet has a really messed up past that has left her in an insane asylum.

7. James Marsters/Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) — a bad boy you can’t help but love

RHYSAND. Need I say more????

8. Catherine Tate/Donna Noble (Doctor Who) — a character literally made of sass

Shahrzad! My favorite part of The Wrath and the Dawn is undoubtably all of Shazi’s sass.

I tag:

And YOU if you think this looks fun!

18 thoughts on “The Actor Book Tag

  1. Ha! This is fun and original! Oh my, I completely forgot I read THE THIEF. While it was surprising at times and I enjoyed the the narration, I must say I was a bit bored by the whole walking and tryin to find that object (forgot what it waS) thing. But, yeah, Gen rocks: D

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