Book Tag: Rip It or Ship It

rip it or ship it tag

Hey guys! I saw this tag at Josie’s Book Corner and knew I had to do it sometime soon. I couldn’t find an original source for this tag; it seems to just be floating around. The premise is simple: put an even number of character names into a hat and draw out pairs. Then, you simply decide if you ship the couple, or would rip them apart. Fun, right?

Sean Kendrick (from The Scorpio Races) and Shazi (from The Wrath and the Dawn)

Initially, I hated the idea of this couple. Sean is reticent and somewhat broody, takes his simple life very seriously. Shazi is headstrong and bold, willing to take world leaders head-on. However, Shazi is similar to Puck (Sean’s love interest in Scorpio Races), and I think that she’d give him a run for his money. I’ll ship this.

Verity (from Code Name Verity) and Hale (from the Heist Society series)

Nope. Nope. Nope. This is awful. Their personalities are just too different. The sassy, tortured POW and the rich boy who hangs out with a bunch of light-hearted thieves would not mix well. I can’t even imagine them in the same room. I rip this.

David (from The Reckoners series) and Gemma Doyle (from the Gemma Doyle trilogy)

Geeky and spazzy, David is a twenty-first century dork. An endearing and lovable one, but Gemma wouldn’t know what to do with him. She’s good at being mysterious and is more fiesty than your average Victorian girl, but David and her would be a disaster. I rip this.

Dmitri (from the Vampire Academy series) and Elend (from the Mistborn trilogy)

When I drew this pairing, I cracked up. It’s great in such a weird way. They both have serious characters, and they both have badass sides, but Dmitri is dark and troubled, while Elend is a socially awkward reader who steps up to the plate when people need a leader. I think they’d be good influences on each other. I ship this.

Ronan (from The Raven Cycle) and Eugenides (from The Queen’s Thief series)

I ship this so hard. Ronan is a darkly sarcastic, somewhat magical, haunted prep school student with a drinking problem. Gen is a notorious thief who taunts kings and slinks around the shadows. They would definitely start off hating each other, but I think they’d end up  running into each other in their wanderings. The resulting romance would be slow-burn amazingness.

Titus (from the Elemental trilogy) and Blue (from The Raven Cycle)

These two would be a cute couple. Blue is eccentric and willful, and Titus is a duty-driven prince with a love of books. They are both similar to each other’s love interests (in the real stories), and they both have love/hate relationships with psychics and prophecies. I ship this.

Miriam Black (from the Miriam Black series) and Gansey (from The Raven Cycle)

This is awful. Damaged and deathly prophetic, Miriam Black would destroy Gansey. Studious and unconsciously preppy, Gansey’s determined and driven character would crumble if exposed to the darkness of Miriam. RIP.

Katsa (from Graceling) and Vin (from the Mistborn trilogy)

SHIP.  This would be so great. They’re both badass fighters with magically enhanced abilities and strong personalities to go along with them. I can just imagine them training together, each of them trying to best the other’s supernatural advantage. Just thinking about the trouble the two of them would get into makes me so happy.

Celaena (from the Throne of Glass series) and Adina (from Beauty Queens)

Yes. Omg yes. I don’t know which one of them is more sarcastic and determined, but they would be great for each other. They’ve both had their hearts broken, and they’ve both got rebellious streaks. I ship this.

Fire (from Fire) and Todd (from the Chaos Walking trilogy)

Oh, God, no. This just…doesn’t make sense. They’d probably be good friends, but I cannot imagine the two of them ever falling for each other. Just…no. I rip this.

What do you think of my pairings? Do you agree with me–or did I judge a pairing wrongly? If you could pair up any of these characters, who would they be?

I tag…

…and anyone else who wants to do it. Enjoy!

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