Discussion Post: Ten Random Bookish Confessions

I’ve seen some posts like this floating around (sorry I don’t remember specific bloggers’ names!) and thought, what the heck, it’s an easy (and hopefully interesting) post. I’m in the middle of a blogging slump, which is driving me crazy, but with finals and college apps, I don’t really have the time or energy to get out of it.

1. I can’t skim books.

I see bloggers saying all the time “I just skimmed it”—and I don’t get it. This isn’t a snotty “how could you dare skim a boring book” thing; I don’t care if other people skim. I just can’t get my brain to skim fiction books. (Textbooks, though…)

2. I reread ALL THE TIME.

Probably a quarter (or a third) of the books I read this year were rereads. I LOVE rereading books. Sometimes I just reread a favorite, but other times, I reread because of a series. I can’t just read the second/third/etc book in a series, I have to read every book that came before. It’s ridiculous, but it means that I get to appreciate every series as a whole (every, single, freaking time a new book in the series comes out).

3. I’ve used the same bookmark for almost three years now. (But if I’m not using it, I use a random scrap of paper.)

One of my best friends made me a bookmark at the end of freshman year, and I’ve been using it ever since. It was “laminated” in packing tape, but even so, it’s starting to show its wear. Up until that point, I was a “random scrap of paper” person, using folded-in-half post-its mostly.

4. I read in class (but not while the teacher is talking).

Most of my reading these days happens at school…which is one of the reasons I don’t read very much. Up until this year, I had a ton of free time in class, which meant I could read about a book a week. Nowadays, I read a lot less.

5. I can read for hours, but it’s not always a good thing.

If I’m on break, I can spend half a day reading one book, not even really moving. I’ll have fun while I’m doing it, but when I look back, I realize that I didn’t get as much out of the book as I would have if I had read it more slowly.

6. I take good care of my books…but I have no idea how to keep spines from breaking.

I don’t dog-ear pages; I have mostly stopped getting crumbs or food stains in my books. But I can’t keep spines from breaking. I just can’t.

7. I love sharing books (but I keep getting burned).

I love owning books, so I like to share them with other people to validate owning literally every book I read. Through middle school, I never had a problem with lending books to people, but recently, I have stopped getting books back.

8. I can only read one book at once.

If you’re one of those people that can be in the middle of three books at once, props. I can’t. I tried when I was younger, but I always ended up reading one book and ignoring the other.

9. Fan art freaks me out.

This is nothing against fan art artists! I love you guys. But I take my own mental images of characters really seriously and am terrified of losing them, so I never risk looking at fan art.

10. I don’t read hardcovers with their dusk jackets on.

I love hardcover books! I love how dusk jackets look! But when I’m reading a hardcover, I take the dusk jacket off. This keeps the jacket from being destroyed and makes it easier for me to hold the book itself.

15 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Ten Random Bookish Confessions

  1. awesome idea, and wonderful post!! I have moments when I reread favorites just to get out of a disappointing book slump. I remove dust jackets.:-) And then I’m annoyed when I can see fingerprints on the cover. I often read quite a few books at the same time, including at least one audiobook at all times. And I definitely can read for hours/days/weeks and it is NOT a good thing:-)


    • Yes! Books totally get smudgy without their dusk jackets. That kind of sucks, but I console myself with being able to put the flawless dusk jacket back on lol 🙂 I’ve never tried to see if I can listen to an audio book and read a book at the same time, though I might be able to do it because they would take up different times in my schedule.
      Glad you liked the post!


  2. I kind of skim books. I’ll glance over kind of filler paragraphs, but sometimes when I’m really not liking a book, I’ll skim it. I love rereading books, and I read a lot during school. Usually during study hall or advisory or when we have tests I finish before class gets out so I just read. Considering I (re)read Six of Crows in a six hour span, I can totally read for hours on end, too, but only if I’m really immersed and focused on the book.

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  3. Haha I love that fan art freaks you out – although I totally agree but for the reason that I find it hard to appreciate sometimes because I’m like nope, that ain’t how I thought they looked at all. I CAN’T SKIM EITHER! I want to have that superpower but nopity nope – I can, however, read multiple books on the go at once. I’m far too impatient to read just one XD And guess who’s finally rereading something?! I’m rereading Tiger’s Curse (of course) because I’m Ren-deprived XD

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  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has a favorite bookmark and takes the jacket off of hardcovers. Especially the just jacket thing – it’s just so annoying!

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  5. I do nearly all of these! Especially re-reading the series before the next one come out sometimes with a series thats has 5 books and counting I’ll start off with book 2 or 3 just because I’ve read the first two books so much I could probably read them in my mind XD And some books you just can’t not break the spine? Or am I holding my books wrong XD It’s so hard when you have a thick paperback and there I can’t not open the pages all the way it’ll just ruin the reading experience. Seriously I agree with all of the confessions you have this is such a great post xx

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