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Thank you soooo much to Kirstie Ellen @ Upside-Down Books for tagging me! If you guys don’t follow her, you should totally go check her out! She has great posts and it a really funny and sweet blogger.

Setting the Example: A Pair/Group of Book BFFs That You Love

cover beauty queens

Everyone from Beauty Queens! At the beginning, they all hate each other, but by the end, they are one of the tightest, sweetest friend groups ever.

Childhood Bestie: Which Book Character Would You Have Liked to Grow Up With?

cove raven boys

I think growing up with Blue from the Raven Cycle would be amazing. She is so down-to-earth and complex and cool—and I’d get to hang out with all of her aunts cooking sweets all the time.

Frenemy: Which Book Character Would Bring out Your Competitive Side?

cover great and terrible beauty

Felicity from the Gemma Doyle series! She is really frustrating through the entire series, always drawing you in and then doing something awful. I know that if I knew her in real life, she would definitely be my frenemy.

Fashion Guru: Who Would Be the Bestie Whose Closet You’d Want to Raid or You Would Want to Go On a Shopping Spree With?

book 3
book 3

Macey McHenry from the Gallagher Girls series (once she’s had a chance to stop being an awful person) would be the best friend to have in a fashion emergency. I’d definitely raid her closet, and I’d die to go shopping with her.

The Bad Influence: Which Character Would You Want to Commit a Small Act of Rebellion With?

Either Vin (from Mistborn) or Katsa (from Graceling) would be awesome partners in crime. Both of them are badass, but have strong moral compasses, so our act of rebellion wouldn’t get too crazy.

Blood Brothers: Which Character Would You Want to Be Your Surrogate Big Brother/Sister?

cover the scorpio races

Puck from The Scorpio Races! She’s so honest and protective—I think she’d make an awesome sibling.

Mother Hen: Which Character Would You Want to  Be By Your Side When You’re Having a Bad Day to Cheer You Up?

cover beauty queens

I would want Adina from Beauty Queens to help cheer me up, because she would go straight to insulting the people who made me feel bad and her sass would make me feel better.

The Counselor: Which Character Would You Go to For Relationship Advice or Confide a Secret To?

cover gg 1

Cammie from the Gallagher Girls series because she is the ultimate best friend. I feel like I could tell her anything, and if I needed a problem fixed, it doesn’t hurt that she’s a badass spy and could definitely make that happen for me.

More Than Friends: Who Would Be Your Book Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

Gansey! (and so many, many more)

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Sophie @ Sophie the Bookworm

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Who are your favorite book BFFs? Have you read any of the books on my list? 

8 thoughts on “The BFF Book Tag

  1. Katsa is a great choice for committing a small act of rebelling, she’s such a cool and strong minded character. Not going to lie, the fact that there’s a character called Puck in The Scorpio races makes me want to read it even more! Thanks for doing the tag 🙂


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