The Cinderella Book Tag

I haven’t done a tag in a while, so when Kirstie @ Upside-Down Books tagged me in the Cinderella Tag, I thought, I think it’s time for another book tag! 

This tag was created by Tiffany @ About to Read. Now, full disclosure, I’m really not a Disney buff. Cinderella is one of the only Disney movies that I’m sure I’ve seen all the way through (please don’t throw things at me). Still, I like this tag 🙂 I get to talk about books—what else matters?!

Evil Stepsisters: a book with characters you just hate

cover dangerous girls 1

Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas. Like, everyone. Especially that DA. Seriously, reading this book made me so angry…but in a good, very well written way.

Prince Charming: a book with a gentleman

cover rebel angels

Simon Middleton in Rebel Angels by Libba Bray. Yes, he’s part of a love triangle. Yes, he kind of gets in the way of twoo wuv. But I honestly loved Simon. He’s definitely a gentleman, and I am so glad that he was a part of the Gemma Doyle series.

Cinderella: a character that is graceful, kind, and defiant

cover code name verity

Maddie from Code Name Verity. She’s not as spunky as Verity, but she definitely stands up for herself and the people she loves. She’s kind and a graceful pilot, too.

Fairy Godmother: a character that always has someone looking out for them

cover the walled city

Mei Yee in The Walled City. She doesn’t know it, but her sister, Jin, is always looking for her, doing her best to try to rescue her from her awful life.

Helpful Creatures: something that makes you happy when you’re sad

cover king of attolia

Rereading any part of The King of Attolia (Queen’s Thief #3). This book is my actual (no competition, seriously) favorite book, and just thinking about some of the amazing scenes—from fight scenes to declarations of love—in this book makes my heart flutter (wow that ended up being lame).

Ashes: a book you didn’t care for

cover ash and bramble

Ash and Bramble. Technically, this is my sister talking (from next to me as I write this post). She got a few chapters into this book and had to put it down—it just didn’t grab her at all. I trust her judgement 😉

Pumpkin: a character with a transformation

book 3
book 3

Macey McHenry from The Gallagher Girls series. She starts off as a total bitch, but she turns into one of my favorite characters. The third book in this series, which is really focused on her, is one of my favorites, simply because we get to see how much she’s grown (and how much she’s stayed the same).

Impossible: a book with an ending you didn’t see coming

cover mistborn

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. Also the other two books in the trilogy. Every single Mistborn book left me gaping at the last page, in complete denial as to what had just happened. If you like being shocked, definitely pick up these books.

Just Breathe: something that inspires you to be courageous

cover code name verity

Verity from Code Name Verity. I know I’ve already talked about this book in this post, but it’s too perfect. Verity’s story brings me to tears, and just thinking about everything that she went through makes me determined to be courageous in my life.

Happily Ever After: a book with a perfect ending

cover gg 6

Well, it’s a series, but I felt like the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter ended on a perfect note: hopeful and looking to the future. I cried at the ending, but they were happy tears, and though I never wanted that series to end, at least it ended perfectly. Again, I’ve already talked about these books, but they deserve it.

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