Poetry: Do Other People

Do other people

Not understand

The pain they can inflict with a simple sentence—

Maybe just a few words strung together


Not hesitantly

No evil or cruel intent

Just good ol’ fashion cluelessness

To human nature


Do other people

Not carry these sentences with them?

Like twisted trinkets

Like demented luggage

Like echoes as they try to fall asleep?


Do other people

Not realize

The effect that words can have?

Do other people

Not wake up in predawn darkness

Haunted by slipups and embarrassments and even things that weren’t even

That bad

To start with?


I guess they must not

Or they would choose their words better.

4 thoughts on “Poetry: Do Other People

    • Thank you 🙂
      I understand that telling the truth is important, and I hate situations that force people to hide their own important thoughts. Thank you for pointing this out 🙂
      The situation that inspired this poem was different though. The thoughts that someone was communicating to me weren’t rude or offensive at all, but the way she chose to phrase her comments changed that. It blew me away that someone could so casually take an innocent comment and make it sting the way it did.

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