Poetry: A Moment of Silence


Let us bow our heads

For a moment of silence



That transcends religion


Language and identity



Because there are no words

Strong enough to bear the burden

Of expressing grief like this



After the noise

After the screams and the shouts and the terror


As if we can say this is over


But what comes after

The moment of silence

How are we supposed to react?

How do we move on

When the night has not ended for so many

Across the world?


May we return to our lives?

May we find joy in

The simple things that brought smiles to our faces


May we smile and laugh

After this moment of silence?


We are silent and we grieve

But at the same time

We cannot stop

From fear or from sorrow—

If we do not return to living

Then Respect is not the winner

But yet another victim


Let us bow our heads

For a moment of silence

And let us never live our lives so loudly

That we forget the reason for that moment

But neither let us gag ourselves

Against the joys of life

With bindings of guilt


A moment of silence

And then the clamor of life again

So that the world can heal.

18 thoughts on “Poetry: A Moment of Silence

  1. wish I too had words like you to express the grief.. you wrote so perfectly on behalf of all of us, no more words needed..just wish all this insanity and inhumanity vanish soon, and may humanity live and rise in every soul…

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