Top Ten TV Shows I Want to Read as Books

top ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

This week’s TTT topic was supposed to be Top Ten Book To Movie Adaptations I’m Looking Forward To or Ten Book To Movie Adaptations I Still Need To Watch. But here’s the thing—I don’t watch movies. Seriously, I watch like four a year. And I don’t seek out book to movie adaptions.

So here’s my take on it: TV Shows I’d Want to Read as a Book. 

I love watching TV, and I love reading. But they are very different experiences, and sometimes, I wish that I got to be as connected to characters from TV shows as you are when you read books.

Spoiler alert, most of the TV I watch is old and on Netflix, so bear with me. :/

(click each image to go to the sites where I found them)

  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, from the POV of Buffy


Because of course. I know they made comic books, but I want novels. I want some one-on-one time with Buffy’s brain. Just think about the fight scenes!

2. Buffy, from the POV of Willow


Second to Buffy, Willow was one of the most badass characters in the show. And by the end of the show, she was magical AF. I would read any part of her story, because she was such a complex character from season one to season seven.

3. The West Wing, from the POV of Ainsely Hayes

ainsely hayes

She was definitely the most interesting characters in the show, and her characters make me crack up—always. Her voice in a novel would be so much fun to read.

4. The West Wing, from the POV of Josh Lyman

josh lymanJosh is simultaneously the smartest and the ditziest character on the show, and being inside his head in a narrative form would be hilarious and informative.

5. Sherlock (BBC version), from the POV of Watson


Because why not? Are you telling me that you don’t want to know the running commentary in his head whenever Sherlock goes crazy.

6. Firefly, from the POV of River


Can you imagine how COOL this would be?!?! She was the character I was the most curious about, and with the show getting canceled so early (*mandatory rant and moment of silence*), I would definitely appreciate a chance to get to know more about her “I can kill you with my mind” promise.

7. Psych, YA version


Are you telling me that you wouldn’t want to see Shawn be a psychic detective as a teenager? Because you’re probably lying. This book would be honestly laugh-out-loud funny.

8. Doctor Who, from every possible POV


I want River Song. I want Rose Tyler. I want Donna Noble. I want the Tenth Doctor and the Eleventh Doctor and the sorely under-appreciated Ninth Doctor. I WANT IT ALL!

9. Merlin (BBC version), from the POV of Merlin


Because the BROMANCE. Also the magic. And the talking to dragons. Pretty much everything.

10. Leverage, from Parker’s POV


It would basically be a grown up Ally Carter novel–and I LOVE Ally Carter’s books. Count me in!

7 thoughts on “Top Ten TV Shows I Want to Read as Books

  1. OMG all of these would be so great to have! I think the best would be Leverage! Parker is so great, a story in her POV would be AMAZING! Oh, and Shawn and Gus! That would just be hilarious!!!
    The only 2 I haven’t watched are The West Wing and Firefly, but I’ve heard amazing things about them.


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