Top Ten Characters I’d Dress Up As For Halloween

top ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

I haven’t actually dressed up for Halloween in a while, but I still love the idea of going all-out and becoming some of my favorite book characters for a night. These all assume a perfect world, where I have enough money and resources to do these costumes justice, of course.

  1. Blue from The Raven Cycle
    • This costume would be easy to make, comfortable to wear, and adorably quirky.
  2. Vin from Mistborn
    • Just imagine the feeling of power you’d get walking around in the dark with a Mistcloak billowing out behind you. #costumegoals
  3. Adina from Beauty Queens
    • Or really, any of the beauty queens. Taking a dress, ripping it up, tossing on some palm frawns and maybe a “It’s Miss Teen Dream, Bitches” banner would be so much fun.
  4. Verity from Code Name Verity
    • This isn’t a happy book, but whatever costume I came up with would be dramatic and bloody (literally) and shocking. Definitely a statement piece. It’s the alternative to dressing as a zombie, if you don’t want to be mainstream, but you already have the stage makeup.
  5. Shazi from The Wrath and the Dawn
    • Who wouldn’t want to wear the outfits Shazi gets to wear? Plus, she’s a queen, and she takes no shit from anyone.
  6. Liz from The Gallagher Girls
    • The Gallagher Girl uniform would be pretty fun to wear, and to be Liz, I’d just carry around some crazy math textbooks and trip over everything in sight (so you know, my life anyway).
  7. Gen from The Queen’s Thief
    • This would be a genderbent costume, but I love Gen too much to not go for it. I’d wear the most ridiculously bejeweled jacket I could find, soft boots, carry something in my hand (*trying to avoid spoilers here!!*), and spend the night jumping over things and sneaking up on people
  8. Fire from Fire 
    • Just imagining the crazy wig I’d get to wear for this is making me smile. Merida x10. Plus, I’d get to carry a bow and arrow, and who doesn’t want that?
  9. Attolia from The Queen’s Thief
    • For when I just want to wear pretty dresses and be the supreme ruler of the land.
  10. Aelin from Throne of Glass
    • Because, heck yeah, I want to be the Fire-Breathing Bitch Queen!!

Are you excited for Halloween? Who would you dress up as?

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