Reread Review: Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3) by Sarah J. Maas

Yep. Just as good the second time.

5/5 stars

cover heir of midnight

Amazon Description

Celaena has survived deadly contests and shattering heartbreak-but at an unspeakable cost. Now, she must travel to a new land to confront her darkest truth…a truth about her heritage that could change her life-and her future-forever. Meanwhile, brutal and monstrous forces are gathering on the horizon, intent on enslaving her world. Will Celaena find the strength to not only fight her inner demons, but to take on the evil that is about to be unleashed?

My Reread Review

SPOILER ALERT–If you haven’t read this book (or this series) yet, stop reading this review and go read them instead.

I originally reviewed Heir of Fire in January. I gave it 5/5 stars, and still do.

Rereading that review, not much has changed. I LOVED the plot line with Celaena and Rowan, and was iffy on the other two plot lines. It might just be that I care about Celaena more than I do the rest of hte characters, but the other two plot lines’ chapters dragged, while Celaena’s chapters flew by.

Also, Celaena’s chapters have Rowan. Not gonna lie, he is a big part of why I loved this book so much. Book boyfriend goals.

Watching Celaena grow past her identity as an assassin and into her much stronger, and more likable (in my opinion), Aelin identity was amazing. I loved watching her train, but I also understood her reluctance to give into her Fae identity. The scenes between Celaena and Rowan were powerful and fast-paced, and the “scar reveal” scene between them is to die for. In terms of Celaena’s character growth, this book is the most impressive of the series.

The witches’ plot line grew on me this time. Manon is honestly and interesting character, and I see a lot of potential for her to become one of my favorites. The wyverns are adorable and viscious–like at lot of things in the series.

Chaol is super annoying in this book. I hated how he sat on the fence, working with the rebels but also being loyal to the king. The wall that he let come between him and Dorian was frustrating. Honestly, I just didn’t understand his actions.

Dorian’s plot was more interesting. He’s always been one of my favorite characters of the series. His romance with Sorscha was one of the sweetest moments in the series, and my heart broke for him when she was killed.

I love how diverse the fantasy elements of this book are. The monsters Celaena ran into are terrifying and creative; the witches and the wyverns are classics, but brought to life well. I love the personality and culture that Sarah J. Maas created for the Fae warriors.

Overall, this book is amazing. I honestly couldn’t put it down (and some homework suffered) and it left me desperate to pick up the next one. Celaena is still one of my favorite characters…ever…and this series holds a special place in my heart. For fans of badassery and magic, there is nothing better.

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