Can We Get Over Cliche Romance Plots?: An Infographic, Of Sorts

Ok, so it isn’t a secret that I love reading YA contemporary romances. They put a smile on my face between the intensely dark and stressful fantasy/paranormal/etc books I read. I love their awkward/cute set-ups and their guaranteed happy endings.

But I also can’t get over the fact that most “chicklit” books have extremely similar plots. Don’t get me wrong…I enjoy the classic plot, a lot. I just think that the genre could grow past this “exposition ⇒ rising action ⇒ CONFLICT ⇒ make up ⇒ happy ending” model to give me some uniqueness to get excited about.

Also, I like using Photoshop to distract me from homework, and this was fun to make.

Hope this makes you crack a smile. 🙂

Chicklit plot

A bit of housekeeping: The fonts used are KG Flavor and Frames Two, AFL Font Pespaye Nonmetric, and Candara. I also used Love Doodle Brushes Two and Arrow Doodle Brushes (both by coydreamer).

Let’s discuss: Why do contemporary plots seem to follow predictable arcs more than other genres?  Or is that just me?

Do other genres (like fantasy) just hide their cliche plot arcs better behind world-building and fight scenes?

13 thoughts on “Can We Get Over Cliche Romance Plots?: An Infographic, Of Sorts

  1. I enjoyed your clicklit plot lol. It’s true, most contemporary books do follow a similar plot. I see a lot of the “bad boy” in contemporary books, as well. I think that since contemporary stories are so realistic, there is only so much they can do. With fantasy and science fiction, the author can take the plot in an infinite number of directions. As much as I am always seeing the same plotline in contemporaries, I would be really upset if it didn’t end happily ever after. 😛

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