Weekend Words #5

weekend words picWeekend Words showcases inspiring quotes from books, about writing, and about life. This feature will happen every weekend, either on Saturday or Sunday, depending on my schedule. While this is a reading/writing centric blog, this feature doesn’t have to be focused on those areas–it is intentionally open-ended to give bloggers a chance to say what’s on their mind.

Everyone should feel free to take part–it would honestly make my day! Complete instructions can be found on the feature’s page. 

1. A Powerful Quote From a Recent Read

artificial intelligence

“The Alexander’s artificial intelligence isn’t capable of lying. Sure, it can think for itself, but no neurogrammer is stupid enough to make a computer capable of conceptualizing deceit. These things are so smart now; the ability to spin bullshit is all that separates us from them.” — Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, Illuminae (The Illuminae Files _01)


Wow I didn’t know that this book would be this dark and creepy and aaahhhhh. Seriously, this book is incredible.

(Illuminae publishes October 20)

2. A Quote that Inspired or Influenced Me This Week

feel like quitting
click for image credit

“When you feel like quitting, remember why I started.”

This quote has always inspired me, but it was prevalent on my mind this week. I have my first Speech and Debate competition this weekend (that’s where I am right now!), and it’s a ton of stress and excitement. I know that I love it, but sometimes the exhaustion makes me want to quit…

3. Something I’ve Been Wanting to Say

Being sick sucks, but it ends up happening to me basically once a semester. Schools don’t want sick people to come to school–it’s my biggest pet peeve–but at the same time, most teachers have strict absent policies that make missing more than a few days of school hurt your grade. Since I was almost sick this week, and my sister actually was, this ridiculous paradox has been on my mind.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend! What quotes have inspired you recently?

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