Poetry: You Never Left

We have not talked

Since June

We have not had a conversation

Since May

I have not known you

Since last September

The last time we were best friends

It was this time, last year


And yet

You’re still all over my life

Your contact case still in my bathroom

Holes in my bookshelf

Still holding spots in line

For the books you borrowed

That post-it note

Still stuck to our fridge

Birthday cards on my desk

Still wishing for forever

Photos on my phone

That I can’t seem to delete

And all those stupid, perfect memories

Still in my head


You’re gone

But you never really left.

13 thoughts on “Poetry: You Never Left

  1. This. Is. Amazing. And also very true and heartfelt. It’s the exact same way I feel about one of my old friends. I love this poem, but at the same time, I sorta’ fear it because it makes me feel this deep longing for the part of me that has been cut away. Great peom nonetheless. 🙂

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