March Wrap Up

march wrap up

March was a good month in regards to my life and my blog–not so much for reading.

I literally read one book. I gave up on Winterspell (so melodramatic) and read The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket (and haven’t even reviewed it yet). I literally had no book reviews (ahhh!). I’m feeling sort of pathetic in that regards. But I am making progress in the Tutankhamen book I talked about in my Reading Update.

I had 21 posts in March! In fact, that bumped me up to my 200th post since starting this blog, so I had another rant. I got three blog awards–The Liebster Award, The Creative Blogger Award, and the Inspiring Blog Award–which was so great! (Thank you!)

In the writing world, I wrote six poems and got back into writing for Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenges. My poems were Rain, Like Tears, Innocent Ladders, She Wanders, Others Talk of Love Affairs, Mr. President, and Clear as Day. For short stories I wrote Desert Gods and The Spoiled Child. The second story got a ton of positive feedback, which was wonderful. (Thank you to everyone who commented! It was amazing.)

I also talked about my crisis of confidence and why I might not listen to all the writing advice out there. In my WIP novel, I hit 50,000 words (and nearly jumped with joy)! I wrote about 17,000 words this month, of which I am very proud, though I have to admit that spring break really helped. Free time is so freaking amazing.

While I didn’t have any book reviews, I did have a lot of book-related posts. I took part in two book tags: The Coffee Book Tag and the Taylor Swift Book Tag. This was my first time doing book tags, and I really enjoyed it–and am on the lookout for more. On Tuesdays, I talked about my top ten Standalone Books of All Time, Books for People Who Like Magical Worlds, Books on My Spring TBR List, and Books from my Childhood That I’d Like to Revisit.

I guess I should talk about my personal life, but I honestly can’t really remember anything specific. Good, not great, not bad. I had spring break, which was nice. Wonderful, actually. There were lots of tests before the break because the quarter ended, and getting back into the rigor of school isn’t exactly fun. There, obligatory personal life statement done.

My goal for April is essentially to Read. Capital “r.” Actually READ–all caps. Seriously. Unfortunately, I’m not out of my reading slump, and nothing on my TBR list is grabbing my attention.

We’ll see how April goes 🙂

2 thoughts on “March Wrap Up

  1. “March was a good month in regards to my life and my blog–not so much for reading.” Me every month lol. I was going to do one of these every month but it’s too embarrassing haha. Hopefully I’ll get a lot more reading done this month because of spring break!


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