Taylor Swift Book Tag

I saw this tag on Hit or Miss Books and loved it. I’m a (mostly) unashamed Swiftie and while I can’t say I care about her personal life, her music really works for me. Her old stuff is really sentimental for me, bringing me back to elementary school, and her newer music is just fun to listen to.

Sidetrack over, back to the tag.

We Are Never Getting Back Together

A book or series that I thought I loved, but then wanted to break up with.

cover house of night

This series started out really great but it just kept going and going and going and oh my god it just spiraled out of control. By the ninth book, it was barely connected to the first book, with like half a dozen love interests and new characters and…


A book with a red cover

This series holds a special place in my heart, and depending on what mood I’m in, this might be my favorite of the three books.

The Best Day

A book that makes me feel nostalgic

cover HP 1

Love Story

A book with forbidden love

cover VA

The romance between Rose and Dmitri is not exactly forbidden, but there are a lot of factors that end up keeping them apart over the course of the series.

I Knew You Were Trouble

A book with a bad character that you couldn’t help but love

cover the coldest girl in coldtown

I can’t remember the name of the vampire love interest, but he was amazing. The perfect good/evil conflict with a side of hotness.


A book that someone spoiled the ending for

I can’t think of the last time someone spoiled a book for me.

Everything Has Changed

A character from a book who goes through extensive character development

Everyone in this series changes, but Todd and Viola probably the most.

You Belong With Me

My most anticipated release

cover queen of shadows

There is going to be a fourth one! In September! AHHH!

Forever and Always

My favorite book couple

This has to be Gen and Attolia. They are perfect for each other.

Begin Again

A series that deserves a second chance

I think I would like this series if I picked it back up again…maybe…


My favorite fictional world

Last Kiss

A series that I’m not ready to let go of, even though it ended


A series I’m glad is over

Three books of this was enough. It was good, but another book would have been waaay too much cheesy paranormal romance.

Wildest Dreams

My favorite fictional guy



A book I found by accident that I ended up loving

cover going underground

I got this book as an ARC from a local bookstore and had no idea what I was getting into. It ended up being an all-time favorite.

All You Had to Do Was Stay

A book I DNFed that I wish I’d given another chance

cover stiff

I stopped on the third car/plane accident chapter because OMG car accidents are scary, but it was sooooo interesting that I think I could go back to it. Plus, Mary Roach is hilarious.

I’m not tagging anyone specific–if you like this tag, please feel free to take part!

3 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Book Tag

  1. Love your list!! Heard good reviews about Chaos Walking Series so I’m probably gonna add it on my TBR books 🙂


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