Poetry: Being Polite

Being politically correct

Is getting old.



Girls say “sorry”

Every third word

For having an opinion


And people say,

That’s bad

That’s sad

That’s a Societal Issue.


But what if you didn’t say sorry?

Or “not to offend anyone”?

Or “just in my opinion”?


Criticism lurks in every corner

Let’s not judge those who

Try to avoid it

By diluting themselves

When we still get uppity

At those who don’t.


For once

Can we just say

This made me mad

And this is why

And this is what I think

And I’m not sorry

And if this offended anyone

Let’s look at it rationally:

I probably didn’t mean to offend you personally

Unless you are the person or thing or Societal Force

That offended me in the beginning

In which case

Trying not to offend you

Tends to remove the heart from my argument


We don’t want a mean world

And we should be politically correct

We should be kind to each other

But let’s also have the courage

To not say

“In my opinion”

Like it’s a bad thing.

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