A Look Back at This Year and This Blog

Hey guys! It’s my birthday (I’m 16)!

Also, it’s the last day of the year, so I think it’s time for the obligatory Wrap Up This Year post.

I started blogging in April of 2014! I don’t think I ever expected my blog to gain so much of an audience, or to enjoy blogging this much. I stumbled upon the idea, but it is possibly the best thing I decided to do in 2014. I love the community of bloggers I’ve joined, and getting to gush about the books I read with like-minded people. I talked about my goals for this blog next year here.

I read 95 books this year! I’m halfway through two more so I might round up to 96 😉 Most of these have reviews which can be found here.

On this blog, I wrote poetry and short stories. I talked about random things and I had two rants. I’ll keep that tradition going with another rant every 50 posts. (#150 is coming up!)

Thank you for such a great year and see you in 2015!

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