A New Top Shelf and Things I Learned This Week

Hey guys!

Remember my Top Shelf page where I list my ultimate favorite books and why I love them so much. Well last weekend, my sister and I went a little crazy and completely reorganized our bookshelves in our bedroom, so my Top Shelf page changed. I’ve updated it, so go check it out.

Also, some random thoughts from this week:

I wrote a bit in between homework. Hopefully I’ll post that story soon, as well as some other works in progress.

I tried to write limericks for a school extra credit project. I thought it would be fun. How hard can it be? Really, freaking hard. I gave up and did something else, and now have immense respect for people who can write limericks.

I’m actually getting somewhere with editing my novel, Devil May Care. I haven’t touched it in months, and that hasn’t really changed, but I’m getting back in the habit of thinking about it. I’m playing with new plot ideas, and I’ve had some break-throughs with character personalities and other things recently, which is really boosting my confidence. Like this thing might ever actually get to a place where I could let it see the light of day.

I’m rereading The Archived by Victoria Scwab. It is a lot better than i remembered, and I’ll have a review for it soon.

Also, I brought back the What I’m Reading Now sidebar on my page, so you guys can see what I’m reading before I review it. You can’t see it if you just read my posts in your wordpress Reader, but if you actually go onto my site, it will be there.

I hope all of you have had better weeks than I had. Mine was really long and tiring. Hopeful for next week 🙂


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