New Page: My Top Shelf

My sister and I do this thing:

We obsessively organize our bookshelves, putting books in the order of how good they are. I can’t tell you how many times we have taken every book out of our shelves, resorted them on our floor, and then reshelved them in a new order. And then there are the small changes, where one of us just goes, “I think this series actually goes here,” and the books shift a few places in the ranking.

It’s awesome, though our mother makes fun of us.

Anyway, to the point of this post. I added a page to my blog. You can now see my Top Shelf. It’s a big list, in order, of my current favorite books. Most of them don’t have reviews, but they might if I decide to reread them (which I totally will). I hope you guys find this entertaining, or at least interesting.

Does anyone else do this with their book shelves? I’ll probably post about it more, frankly because it cracks me up that my sister and I are so obsessed with it.

Are any of my books on your top shelf? What books are on your top shelf?

By the way, here is my current, main book shelf, gorgeously organized.

Best, top left. Still very good but not as good as the best, bottom of the right.

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