20 Books This Summer Update: Adding a Plus Sign

Last week I set myself a goal:  read twenty books this summer, basically in nine and a half weeks.

I didn’t realize this, but yesterday’s review of We Were Liars was #20.

Yay! Mission accomplished, even if that book wasn’t so great.

But summer’s not over. I have a week and two weekends left.

I don’t think I can make it to 25. It’s just not practical with the number of things that need to happen next week. But I don’t like goals that aren’t round numbers, say 23. So I’m adding a plus sign and seeing what happens.

New goal:

I will read 20+ books this summer.

There, doesn’t that look nice?

I’ll post a complete list of all 20+ when school starts. I’m reading Belle Epoque right now.

3 thoughts on “20 Books This Summer Update: Adding a Plus Sign


    YAY CONGRATULATIONS!!! I never dare to set myself reading goals if it isn’t part of some event because my life gets in the way too easily every time. 20 books in summer is a huge feat (for me) and I’m really happy for you! Keep reading and enjoy summer while it lasts ;D

    Alicia @ Summer Next Top Story


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