20 Books This Summer

I’ve decided to give myself a goal.

I want to have read 20 books when summer ends.

My summer ends in a little less than three weeks. (AHHHH! I’m not ready for school!!!!!!)

I can’t believe my  summer went by so quickly, and so unproductively. I haven’t edited my novel much at all. I just started Drivers Ed. I’ve been pretty sporadic about posting on this blog.

I’ve spent a lot of time with friends. I’ve watched a lot of TV. I’ve done a bit of work for my school’s Speech and Debate team.

And I have been reading a lot.

So far, I’ve read 14 books.

I want that number to be 20 when school starts on August 11.

Since my summer is nine and a half weeks long, that averages out to about two books a week. Not an awe-inspiring display of reading fortitude, but with all of the other things I’ve done, it’s not too shabby.

Why twenty? Because it’s a round number, I don’t know. Don’t you like random, arbitrary goals?

Considering the fact that the fourteen books I’ve read so far include the Harry Potter series and the Mistborn series, both of which are seriously long, I’m proud of myself.

I don’t think I reviewed all fourteen books I’ve read. When I hit twenty, I’ll post a list of all of them.

What am I going to read?

A week (ish) ago, I posted my To Be Read list, with three books other than the Mistborn series. Since I didn’t actually read any of those three, some of those books will be in the six books I need to read to hit twenty. But after having my emotions pummeled by the Mistborn series, I want something funny. I might reread something light-hearted. I’m ordering one of Janet Evanovich’s books from PaperBackSwap.com (not sure which one, because my mom is getting it for me). I might tackle Kierra Cass’s The Selection series. I’ve read the first two, but the third and final book is out, and I want to reread and finish the series. Unfortunately, that will be really sad and emotional–not what I’m in the mood for right now. I might finish the Across the Universe series by Beth Revis, but it has the exact problems as the Selection series. I might read the Sweet Evil series by Wendy Higgins, but I need to order the third book so I can finish the series (again, I’ve read books 1 and 2).

Can you tell I have no idea what to read next?

Frankly, I’m horrible at planning what I’m going to read. Just deciding what to read next involves a good five minutes of standing in my room, surrounded by my book shelves, picking up and putting back books, twitching as I waver between different series.

Here’s what I want to read: Something that is funny and light-hearted, but that has an interesting plot and is well-written. I want sweet romance without too much drama. Maybe some fantasy, maybe a paranormal romance. Probably not ChickLit, because they are rarely written well. Something that makes me question the world but that ultimately leaves me emotionally stable and happy.

Any suggestions? I’m really open to recommendations, and I’m sort of desperate. Even if it doesn’t meet the above criteria, if you really liked it, tell me about it. PLEASE!

(Otherwise, I think I’m going with Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins while I wait for the Janet Evanovich one.)

8 thoughts on “20 Books This Summer

  1. WOW! Not only are you and your sis fantastic cooks you a.re also a wonderful book reviewer.
    Today at quilting your Gram suggested I get ahold of you and find out what you would suggest for my granddaughter who is 11. She has just finished The Hunger Games and I have no idea what to buy her for her age. Adult–yes, but SEX–no-no. (maybe for me, but definitely not for her.)
    joan spears


    • Hey! Thanks! Sorry to just get around to reply to your comment.
      I have some suggestions. Disclaimer: I haven’t read most of these recently. There will probably be sexual innuendos/jokes. A few of them might allude to sex, but chances are she won’t catch it (I definitely didn’t the first time). Most of these are contemporary romances, but good for a youthful audience. Not much paranormal/fantasy because those tend to have heavier-duty romance.
      Here’s the list:
      Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares–it takes a lot of crap but it’s a good series
      Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins–paranormal but pretty PG I think
      Heist Society by Ally Carter–just awesome
      All American Girl by Meg Cabot–really fun and light-hearted
      Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks by Lauren Myracle–might be on the more intense side but it’s really well done
      The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner–it’s hard to get into but if you know she’s read other fantasy she’ll probably like it
      Divergent by Veronica Roth–painfully mainstream but the first book is pretty good. I’d advise this one if she doesn’t read a lot and the Hunger Games was the first book she’s read in a while

      Hope these help 🙂


      • Re: Hunger Games–oh no, she’s a compulsive reader –you know the type–reading under the sheets after the lights go out, etc.?!
        Thanks loads for the tips. I’ll look them up today.
        Have a great summer–your sister, too.
        I heard school starts quite early for you this year.
        My older granddaughter just emailed me from Washington. She’s fallen in love with University of Wash. And she’s been traveling around quite a bit this summer. We’ll see what happens.


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