Book Review: Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein

There aren’t enough words for the emotions this one book makes you feel. It is historical fiction, written in the form of a European spy’s confession to her captors in Nazi-occupied France, during WWII. Though the book starts a little slow, stick with it. The characters are beautifully painted. The plot is heart-wrenching and (once you get into it) fast-paced. It has voice, something I always want from books, that feeling that the person telling you the story is real, and quirky. It will make you laugh while you’re weeping and then break down into sobs again. Wien does an amazing job with her research, infusing the pages with accurate historical information without making the reader feel like you’re in a history lecture. Usually, I don’t go for historical fiction, but this one was incredible. Don’t shy away from it because you’ve avoided the genre in the past. This book will renew your faith in historical fiction.


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